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Norrköping, known for its rich industrial history and vibrant cultural scene, offers photographers a diverse array of captivating subjects. Capture the stunning Industrial Landscape, where the old factories and mills along the Motala River have been transformed into a dynamic area of museums, galleries, and modern offices. The striking red-brick buildings and scenic waterways provide a unique and picturesque backdrop for urban photography. Explore the charming Old Town (Gamla Staden), with its narrow streets, historic buildings, and vibrant squares, offering countless photo opportunities. The vibrant Louis De Geer Concert Hall, set in a former industrial building, reflects the city’s innovative spirit and commitment to the arts. Don’t miss the serene beauty of the Carl Johans Park, famous for its lush greenery and stunning floral displays, providing tranquil settings for nature photography. The lively Drottninggatan, the city’s main shopping street, is bustling with life and features a mix of historic and modern architecture. The picturesque surroundings of the Norrköping archipelago offer excellent opportunities for capturing the natural beauty of the region. Norrköping’s blend of industrial heritage, cultural vibrancy, and scenic landscapes creates a rich tapestry for photographers to explore.
#1 Carlsbecker Studios
Address: Skolgatan 8, 602 25 Norrköping, Sweden
Vi har under 50 år fotograferat högtider och event, för både privata och företag. Tiderna förändras och vi med den, men vad som alltid kvarstår är vår kvalitet!
While vacationing in Sweeden last year and wanted to have a professional family photo. Came across Carlsbecker Studios and photos turned out beauti...
Janny Soepadmo
Ver bad, service, unprofessional! The guy comes late, then starts acting so weird. He then says that he did not take his medicine and that's why he...
zahira storel
Strongly recommend contacting Carlsbecker Studios in Norrköping. George is incredibly professional and made sure our needs were met. Great service ...
Petrus Hanouch
#2 Matilda Wik Fotografi
Address: Enebymovägen 11, 602 13 Norrköping, Sweden
JUST NU: Specialkampanj för kvinnor över 40. LÄS MER → FOTOGRAF I NORRKÖPING Hjälper dig att känna dig både trygg och snygg Kontakta mig VILKEN TYP AV FOTOGRAFERING ÄR DU INTRESSERAD AV? Fortsätt v...
Matilda is a fantastic portrait photographer who delivers such beautiful images that you feel like a Hollywood star. She puts a lot of commitment a...
Emy Serander
Hired Matilda Wik with the desire to get professional photos for my website. I had no idea that she made sure I got varied photos, for different pu...
sara edsman
Matilda is a super talented photographer who took wonderful pictures of our daughter. She is serious and cares about the whole experience being as ...
Sara Vidovic
#3 PhotoPacks.AI
Photo shoot quality headshots without the price tag. From just a few ordinary photos, our AI generates a custom portfolio of high resolution headshots - for all your professional platforms.
I am not typically comfortable having my picture taken, but Christina and John made the experience both relaxing and fun! Their attention to detai...
Phillip Christian
I highly recommend Christina and John. You will not leave their studio without many excellent photos to choose from! They created such welcoming en...
Jana Reznickova
I absolutely loved my experience working with Christina and John! Christina is an extremely talented photographer and made me feel as comfortable a...
Victoria DeSantis
#4 Photographer Peter Holgersson AB
Address: Spetsen kontor 5212, Luntgatan 2, 601 74 Norrkö...
Fotograf Peter Holgersson AB från Norrköping - prisbelönt yrkesfotograf med internationella utmärkelser
Delivers images and videos of the highest class. Fast, accurate, creative and agile photographer who never misses a deadline. The photographer's br...
Jonas Lindkvist
So knowledgeable and professional in every way. Also nice and solves the problems in the very best way. Can safely recommend. Really impressed.
Lars Dareberg
Professional, accurate and efficient. Can safely recommend Peter.
Jonas Ljungdahl
#5 Fotograf Ristenstrand
Address: Gamla Torget 8, 602 32 Norrköping, Sweden
Always nice to work with Anders. Happy, pleasant and flexible when it comes to finding solutions. Knowledgeable and professional both as a photogra...
Magnus Larsson
Pro! Excellent delivery of nice photos. Anders understands the assignment and delivers all the way - quickly and courteously! Highly recommend!
nahrin Ego
A very good photographer, have used him a lot in recent years
#6 Fotofabriken i Norrköping AB
Address: Trozelligatan 16, 602 35 Norrköping, Sweden
Fotofabriken i Norrköping - fotograf för privatpersoner och företag. Vi utför bland annat husdjursfotografering, familjefotografering, gravidfotografering, bröllopsfotografering, företagsfotografer...
Very expensive for quite low quality. Pictures come in envelope without any protection. Not recommended.
Lukasz N
FilmVision Sweden
Hired them to photograph our wedding. So incredibly professional. Not just in the actual photographing of us and the children. But also the handlin...
Robert Sundblad
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