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Västerås, situated on the shores of Lake Mälaren, offers photographers a captivating mix of natural beauty and rich history. Capture the stunning Västerås Cathedral, a magnificent Gothic structure with its impressive spire and intricate details, providing a picturesque focal point. Explore the historic Old Town (Gamla Stan), where narrow cobblestone streets and well-preserved buildings create a charming atmosphere perfect for urban photography. The vibrant Djäkneberget Park, with its lush greenery and panoramic views of the city, offers serene settings for nature photography. Don’t miss the impressive Anundshög, Sweden’s largest burial mound, and its surrounding runestones, offering a glimpse into the region’s ancient past. The scenic Västerås Harbor, with its bustling marina, vibrant waterfront cafes, and stunning views of Lake Mälaren, provides excellent opportunities for capturing the essence of lakeside life. The modern architecture of the Kokpunkten Actionbad, a converted steam power plant turned adventure pool, adds a unique and contemporary element to your photo collection. Västerås’s blend of historic landmarks, scenic landscapes, and vibrant waterfront creates a rich tapestry for photographers to explore.
#1 Fotograf Shippey fotostudio
Address: Johannisbergs Herrgård, 725 91 Västerås, Sweden
Helen is full of ideas and she is patient and understanding with children´s ups and downs. She is also very flexible and moved our shoot to the bea...
Anna Robert
I was on a photography course with Helen. There I received tailored help to develop in exactly what I needed! I gained an incredible amount of know...
Martina L
Thank you Helen for a rewarding course! I learned a lot and you were very educational. I will greatly benefit from what I learned and already see r...
Inga Englund
#2 Skarpabilder Studio Västerås
Address: Regattagatan 26C, 723 48 Västerås, Sweden
Skarpabilder.se , skarpa bilder med fotograf Thomas Björklund i Västerås Specialitet: bilar, natur och musik & artister
#3 PhotoPacks.AI
Photo shoot quality headshots without the price tag. From just a few ordinary photos, our AI generates a custom portfolio of high resolution headshots - for all your professional platforms.
I am not typically comfortable having my picture taken, but Christina and John made the experience both relaxing and fun! Their attention to detai...
Phillip Christian
I highly recommend Christina and John. You will not leave their studio without many excellent photos to choose from! They created such welcoming en...
Jana Reznickova
I absolutely loved my experience working with Christina and John! Christina is an extremely talented photographer and made me feel as comfortable a...
Victoria DeSantis
#4 NextStepStudio
Address: Källhagsgatan 4B, 723 36 Västerås, Sweden
Fotograf Gert Bohlin i Västerås. Välkommen till en fotografering i vår studio eller i den miljö ni så önskar. Passa på och boka en fotografering.
#5 Petra Nilsson Photography
Address: Generatorgatan 11b, 722 24 Västerås, Sweden
Petra is a fantastic, warm and knowledgeable photographer in Västerås, I only have positive things to say! She made me feel relaxed, we had a fun t...
Celie Scott Photography
Such amazing pictures. Experience Petra as curious and calm at the same time as she is ambitious, creative, professional. She is present and harmon...
annie Johansson
An absolutely fantastic experience! I have a hard time understanding that it is me who is so beautiful in the pictures. I was nervous before but it...
Emilia Lillemor
#6 Photografen
Address: Stora Gatan 78, 724 60 Västerås, Sweden
Photografen Stora Gatan 78 724 60  Västerås Tel:  021-13 39 39 info@photografen.nu www.photografen.nu   Öppettider Mån–Fre: 10.00 – 18.00 Lör: 12.00 - 14.00*...
Very nice pictures. Just wish that the cover prices sent out were skipped and that you drove with open cards. Take kids photos for about 500 became...
Johan Magnusson
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Devapura Rochenth
Ahmad Zadeh
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