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Leuven, known for its prestigious university and stunning architecture, offers photographers a wealth of captivating subjects. Capture the breathtaking Town Hall (Stadhuis), a Gothic masterpiece with its intricate facade and numerous statues, providing a dramatic focal point. Explore the historic Oude Markt, often referred to as the "longest bar in the world," where vibrant cafes and beautiful buildings create a lively and picturesque scene. The imposing University Library and its tower, rebuilt after World War I, reflect Leuven’s academic heritage and offer dynamic urban photography opportunities. Don’t miss the serene beauty of the Begijnhof (Beguinage), a UNESCO World Heritage site with its charming cobblestone streets and peaceful gardens, perfect for capturing moments of tranquility. The vibrant Ladeuzeplein, home to the striking Totem sculpture and the university library, is a hub of student life and cultural activity. The stunning St. Peter’s Church, with its impressive architecture and the famous Last Supper painting by Dirk Bouts, provides a glimpse into the city’s rich religious and artistic history. The lush Botanical Garden (Kruidtuin), Belgium’s oldest botanical garden, offers serene settings for nature photography. Leuven’s blend of academic prestige, historic landmarks, and vibrant cultural life creates a rich tapestry for photographers to explore.
#1 The Photo Studio bvba
Address: Leopold Vanderkelenstraat 7, 3000 Leuven, Belgium
Alles voor uw foto's, pasfoto's, vergrotingen, afdrukken, ontwikkelingen, bedrukkingen, kaders op maat..
For Passport photos - hard to beat. Seemed ready for every nationality on the planet. Friendly, fast, courteous service.
James Buckingham
Went in at 5.30 pm. Initially, he quoted €14 for 6 passport photos and €5 for a digital copy. He was reluctant to take one more photo to see which...
Gowtham P. S.
The young boy's behavior to customer is not kind. He should learn to smile and to give kind answers to customers. He seems as a intern who doesn't ...
Burak Manavoğlu
#2 Gopics Photography - Fotograaf Leuven
Address: Kerkstraat 7, 3010 Leuven, Belgium
Osman is one of the most talented artists around. And the work he delivers in the end is just magical. For weddings there is a supreme quality fini...
Florence Kaspar
It was a really beautiful experience for us. We felt comfortable, happy and most importantly we have amazing photos of us.
Zena El Abdalla
Gopics was really great! Osman was really professional, he had some great ideas, did some really nice candids, we couldn't be happier with the pho...
Michael Tittnich
#3 PhotoPacks.AI
Photo shoot quality headshots without the price tag. From just a few ordinary photos, our AI generates a custom portfolio of high resolution headshots - for all your professional platforms.
I am not typically comfortable having my picture taken, but Christina and John made the experience both relaxing and fun! Their attention to detai...
Phillip Christian
I highly recommend Christina and John. You will not leave their studio without many excellent photos to choose from! They created such welcoming en...
Jana Reznickova
I absolutely loved my experience working with Christina and John! Christina is an extremely talented photographer and made me feel as comfortable a...
Victoria DeSantis
#4 Monokrohm
Address: Diestsesteenweg 226, 3010 Leuven, Belgium
Mijn naam is Tessa Delbeke en ik ben een 27-jarige fotograaf uit Leuven, gespecialiseerd in het fotograferen van koppels en gezinnen. De naam Monokrohm verwijst naar eenvoud en hoe mooi die eenvoud...
I really liked Tessa's photography. Everything went very smooth with her. She explained things very well. In 3-weeks we had our photos back. She pr...
Rahul Panchal
I really enjoyed the shooting session with Tessa. She is great, very professional, easy-going and the result is fantastic. I highly recommend her f...
Eric Ducroix
We are very satisfied with our newborn shoot! We had never had a professional photographer take photos before and we found it a bit exciting. Tessa...
Romy Van Goubergen
#5 Veerle Scheppers Fotografie
Address: Vital Decosterstraat 67A/bus 3, 3000 Leuven, Be...
Veerle Scheppers is een fotograaf uit Leuven gespecialiseerd in portretfotografie. Je kan bij haar terecht voor originele en creatieve portretten met een artistieke toets.
I did a beauty workshop with Veerle and it was super interesting, she really took the time to explain everything. The set up, ideas, make up were a...
Pauline Wéry
Veerle is a very professional photographer who takes unique photos and makes you feel at ease while doing so. I had my business profile picture tak...
Nico Laidosch
hello veerle I want to know what is the address because the address that Google give it to me is not your address..
Khaled AboMhadi
#6 Kat De Laet Photography
Address: Diestsesteenweg 367C, 3010 Leuven, Belgium
So easy to work with her! Amazing person and artist
A while ago we did a photo shoot with Kat for our cat and dog. I decided to contact Kat because I saw that in addition to her beautiful results, sh...
Sarah Van Loock
A very pleasant and professional shoot done with Kat De Laet Photography that both I and my dog ​​enjoyed! Always pleasant when there is a clear wa...
Bram Champagne
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