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Thessaloniki, steeped in history and culture, offers photographers a captivating blend of ancient landmarks and vibrant urban scenes. Capture the iconic White Tower, standing proudly along the waterfront, providing a striking focal point against the backdrop of the Aegean Sea. Explore the winding streets of the Old Town (Ano Poli), where Byzantine walls, Ottoman architecture, and colorful houses create a charming and photogenic atmosphere. The historic Rotunda, once a Roman temple and later a Christian church and mosque, offers a unique subject for architectural photography with its massive dome and intricate details. Don’t miss the vibrant atmosphere of Aristotelous Square, the city’s bustling central square, where lively cafes, street performers, and historic buildings provide endless opportunities for urban photography. The picturesque waterfront promenade, lined with palm trees and vibrant street art, offers stunning views of the Thermaic Gulf and the city skyline, perfect for capturing the city’s coastal charm. Thessaloniki’s blend of rich history, cultural diversity, and lively spirit creates a dynamic canvas for photographers to explore.
#1 Studio 31 by A.Mpampakis Photography
Address: Vasileos Irakleiou 11, Thessaloniki 546 25, Greece
If you’re looking for a professional, well organized and very talented photography and videography team you have to go with Saki and his team. Our ...
Theo Roustopoulos
Very professional services!
Jaime Cavazos
The talent and professionalism of Sakis and his team is truly remarkable! We are very excited about the photos they took of our wedding. From the ...
Tzensila Loumpani
#2 Photoshape.gr Φωτογραφείο
Address: PLATEIA NAVARINOU 19 Με, Dim. Gounari 25, Thess...
Έξυπνα προϊόντα για δώρο, επέτειο και κάθε άλλη περίσταση. Πλοηγηθείτε στις σελίδες του καταστήματος μας και ανακαλύψτε τα μέσα από την γκάμα των προϊόντων μας.
Nice souvenirs, good prices, very helpful owner. A beautiful and cozy little shop that was missing from Navarinou Square.
Χρηστος Σλουκας
It's generally fine. Convenient location (downtown, Navarinou square), very good price for ID photos (with coupon offer), good and courteous servic...
Xenofon Tsakanikas
Very good price for videotape digitization and fast delivery.
Miltos Gkarelis
#3 PhotoPacks.AI
Photo shoot quality headshots without the price tag. From just a few ordinary photos, our AI generates a custom portfolio of high resolution headshots - for all your professional platforms.
I am not typically comfortable having my picture taken, but Christina and John made the experience both relaxing and fun! Their attention to detai...
Phillip Christian
I highly recommend Christina and John. You will not leave their studio without many excellent photos to choose from! They created such welcoming en...
Jana Reznickova
I absolutely loved my experience working with Christina and John! Christina is an extremely talented photographer and made me feel as comfortable a...
Victoria DeSantis
#4 Photography Studio Iosifina
Address: Tsimiski 32B, Thessaloniki 546 23, Greece
Delighted to see the pictures, The most interesting thing to see in these photos, is the simplicity yet so beautiful in expressing emotions natura...
Atul Bora
Top of the TOP
Chris Angelis
I can write for hours about Iosifina and her wonderful team.. We partnered to photograph our wedding in August 2023, and really couldn't have made...
Ελενη Φερεντίδου
#5 Vasilis Moumkas Photography
Address: M. Merkouri 25, Thessaloniki 555 35, Greece
Είμαι ο Βασίλης Μούμκας, επαγγελματίας φωτογράφος γάμου με έδρα τη Θεσσαλονίκη και πλήρως εξειδικευμένος στην τέχνη της φωτογράφησης γάμων.
We hired Vasilis to be our wedding photographer on the beautiful island of Ammouliani in September 2023. First I was surprised how easy everything ...
Rolando M
So lucky to have found Vasilis to capture the most beautiful moments of our wedding in Greece. We will never forget the fun we had, his warmth, cre...
mihaela stefan
Choosing Vasilis was truly the best decision we made for our special day. His ability to capture not just moments, but emotions and the essence of ...
Olga Momat
#6 Wedding Photographer in Thessaloniki
Address: Agiou Spiridonos 5, Thessaloniki 553 37, Greece
Φωτογράφος Γάμου & Βάπτισης στην Θεσσαλονίκη
best photographer! the most beautiful experience! thank you!
Perikhanyan Marine
Stelio and his team are one of a kind. They are excellent professionals. I totally recommend them. Thank you for the photos and videos. Best
Ralitsa Bankova
Very reliable team, so beautiful and amazing pictures and video. Thank you for everything
sofia Zepou
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