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Palermo, the capital of Sicily, offers photographers a wealth of captivating subjects with its rich history, diverse architecture, and vibrant street life. Capture the stunning Palermo Cathedral, a blend of Norman, Gothic, Baroque, and Neoclassical styles, providing a dramatic focal point. Explore the historic Palazzo dei Normanni, with its opulent interiors and the exquisite Cappella Palatina, known for its stunning mosaics. The bustling Ballarò and Vucciria markets, with their colorful stalls and lively atmosphere, offer dynamic scenes of local culture and daily life. Don’t miss the serene beauty of the Teatro Massimo, Italy's largest opera house, which offers striking architectural details and a glimpse into Palermo's cultural heritage. The picturesque Quattro Canti, an intersection adorned with Baroque sculptures and fountains, provides a unique urban photography opportunity. The lush gardens of the Villa Giulia and the botanical wonder of Orto Botanico offer peaceful settings for nature photography. Palermo’s blend of historic landmarks, vibrant markets, and scenic beauty creates a rich tapestry for photographers to explore.
#1 Jurij Gallegra Photography
Address: Via Mariano Stabile, 110, 90139 Palermo PA, Italy
One of the best photographers we have met. He is kind, friendly and extremely talented. Made us so very comfortable right from the minute we met th...
Shwetha Tholpadi S
What to say? Jurij, Claudia and all their staff were impeccable. They managed to tell the story of our day with spontaneous, natural shots. Their p...
Francesco Brancato
We couldn't have chosen better professionals for the most important day of our lives. Photos make everything indelible. I can't find the words to d...
#2 Art Photo Studio di Daniele Briolotta
Address: Corso Tukory, 155, 90134 Palermo PA, Italy
studio fotografico
I always toke my pictures here they have the quality photos
Yeboah Frederick
Cüneyt Neccar Çetiner
Daniele and his staff followed us from the beginning to the end! They fully understood our needs, satisfying us on everything and I mean EVERYTHING...
Giovanni Giallombardo
#3 PhotoPacks.AI
Photo shoot quality headshots without the price tag. From just a few ordinary photos, our AI generates a custom portfolio of high resolution headshots - for all your professional platforms.
I am not typically comfortable having my picture taken, but Christina and John made the experience both relaxing and fun! Their attention to detai...
Phillip Christian
I highly recommend Christina and John. You will not leave their studio without many excellent photos to choose from! They created such welcoming en...
Jana Reznickova
I absolutely loved my experience working with Christina and John! Christina is an extremely talented photographer and made me feel as comfortable a...
Victoria DeSantis
#4 Studio Fotografico Schirmenti
Address: Via Don Orione, 31, 90142 Palermo PA, Italy
Esperienza pluriennale nel settore fotografico. Studio Schirmenti è specializzato nel Wedding ed operiamo in Sicilia, Italia e all'estero.
Schirmenti Photography Studio is the guarantee! I had fallen in love with the shots of the Schirmenti studio even before planning the wedding... I ...
I met Ivan Schirmenti and his team on the occasion of the wedding of my friends Salvo and Francesca on 07/29/2023. The thing that struck me immedia...
Emanuela Spataro
I really don't know where to start!!!!! We just saw it all, albums, photos, videos, posters. We are incredulous with wonder! You had a foresight, a...
Monica Ganta
#5 Studio Progresso Photography
Address: 90129, C.so Calatafimi, 740, 90131 Palermo PA, ...
Eeeee good morning followers❤️❤️❤️ These guys bring you indescribable joy as soon as they walk through the door! As a bride they took away all my a...
Maria Rosa De Lisi
Chosen for our wedding and we would choose them again a thousand times over. 🥰 All professional, very good, punctual, friendly, cheerful and at th...
ylenia c
It's not easy to manage the emotions you feel on your wedding day, but these professional, serious, cheerful and sunny people do their best to make...
Alessia Rera
#6 Studio Cianciolo - Giancarlo Cianciolo Fotograf...
Address: Via Domenico Scinà, 172, 90139 Palermo PA, Italy
If you wish to capture the special spontaneous and magical moments of your special day or occasion, then Giancarlo is the perfect choice. His work...
Giovanni Genuardi
Giancarlo takes his photography in an old fashioned approach... carefully considering lighting and composition before taking the shot. He was very...
Michael Munevar
Every profession can be practiced with more or less professionalism. I believe that Giancarlo CIANCIOLO can be counted among those with the plus si...
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